Outdoor Lighting in Pinellas County, FL

Add beauty, character, and security to your home with our selection of outdoor lighting in Pinellas County, FL. At Central Services West Tree & Landscape LLC, we feature a variety of products for front and backyards. Let your stunning landscape shine on even the darkest night when you turn to us for a beautiful lighting design. Our landscape lighting allows you to create the perfect atmosphere during every time of day. Speak with us to put your imagination on display with our products and services.

Professional Landscape Lighting Solutions

A new set of outdoor residential lighting makes any home stand out for the right reasons. These lights can be used to accentuate trees, shrubs, and driveways, drawing attention exactly where you want it to be. Our LED outdoor lighting delivers a classic setting in spaces of all sizes.

Not sure where to start? With all of the options available, we understand it can be confusing to pick the right exterior lighting for your home. We are happy to make suggestions so that you understand brightness levels and other settings for each of our products.

A Bold Lighting Design

Enhance your outdoor area when you choose our services for your landscape lighting. Our design professionals are available to create the perfect setup for properties of all sizes. No matter which feature you want to highlight, we have a design to fit your taste preferences and landscape style.

Lighting the Way to Safety

The darkness brings with it a number of dangers. You simply never know who or what is wandering around your property during the nighttime. Have peace of mind that nothing is hidden in the darkness when you install our lighting products.

Unfortunately, you can never be too safe. While using landscape lighting is a great way to brighten your favorite features at night, it also offers a number of safety benefits that should not be ignored. These lights can be installed to illuminate every corner of your property, so you always have a clear view of the outdoor area.

Highlight Your Favorite Features

You spent a lot of time and energy crafting the perfect landscaping for your home. Don’t let that hard work disappear when the sun goes down. Our low-voltage LED landscape lighting lets you highlight your home’s architectural features while showing off your prized trees and foliage.

Contact us to light the way with our landscape lighting designs. Our products and services make the perfect addition to properties throughout Pinellas County, Florida.